Home Owner | Terms and Conditions

To start your cover, an inspection of the dwelling will need to be completed. An Annual service & home owners certificate will be completed and sent out along with a covering letter reporting any issues that need to be highlighted. The date on the Home owners Certification will be the start date for your policy and the annual renewal date for your policy thereafter.

Any existing fault found on first inspection will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Any boiler of any age will be taken care of as long as parts are still available. All efforts will be made before condemning a boiler.

Any Boiler or Cylinder replacements, including labour are not covered.

Any damage caused by gaining access to any problem eg: boxing surrounding leaking pipes, will not be covered and will carry a charge. This will be discussed with you before going ahead with any work.

On completion of the Home owners Certificate, you will be tied in for a minimum four month period.

If any major works have been carried out to any property then you will be tied into the policy until its next renewal date.

All contracts will renew automatically on completion of an annual Home owners Certification. If you do not want to renew your policy you need to give not less than 30 days written notice from the date on your Landlords Gas Safety Certificate.

You will be notified of any changes to the policy in writing not less than 60 days before your annual renewal date.

To cancel the policy you will need to give no less than 30 days written notice.

If you have chosen the £50 excess you will be charged for each callout, subject to a 'fair use' policy.

I will give an honest assessment of any situation and offer options on the best and most cost effective course of action. However, if you choose not to go ahead with any advised works and the fault re-appears, that fault and any resulting damage will not be covered. Eg: If a fault is found to be caused by sludge in the system I would treat the problem and would recommend you fit a magnetic cleaner at a one off cost of £200.00 and I would service this product annually. If you choose not to fit the cleaner then any future problem caused by sludge would not be covered.

You are buying into a small, family run business and you will be dealing with myself, not a call centre. I provide an honest, reliable and personal service.

As there are very few terms and conditions attached, a certain level of trust and good faith will needed to be entered into by both parties.

I will endeavour to provide the best level of service and care I can. In exchange I would appreciate prompt access to the properties concerned, prompt payments, and 'fair use' of the 'unlimited 24hr callouts'.